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The Ordinary

Social Content POV 


The Ask: Develop a owned content POV for The Ordinary

The Challenge:

How can the brand create content to address the growing male influence in the skincare category

The Solution:

Create content around making men feel at ease and educated on skincare and other beauty regimens

The Ordinary Background

Brand Story: Teach the world about beauty. Garnered attention through little to no marketing ads which has been a testament in their authenticity. Always showed true transparency in product pricing.

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Beauty Industry Growth

There's been a shift in culture and perception of beauty in the last 5 years. Men are no longer excluded from the conversation when it comes to beauty. 


Many companies in the industry no longer shy away from speaking to the spectrum of people interested in wanting to look good.

Audience: Beauty Curious Men

New College Students & New to Job/Town

  • Ready to start dating/create new relationships

  • Looking to make a good first impression and care about how they look and present themselves. 

  • They don’t have time and money to be constantly buying different products so are willing to sit down to do research on what would work for them. 


Interests: Playing drums, Photography, Watching movies on a first date

Stat: ⅔ of men 18-34 y/o are already very comfortable going to a makeup store to learn, try or buy products compared to ⅓ of those over 50 y/o.

This younger audience are also more inclined to research products through social media.

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Beauty and skincare can be hard to understand without paying to go see the doctor

The Ordinary can make these people feel at ease and understand what products to use

An Ordinary Insight

Ordinary Strategy

Get young men to become future skintellectuals (skin intellectuals) by promoting success stories through The Ordinary products


Help audience understand their skin 


Show off already existing product range and demonstrate immediate need for purchase


Illustrate brand personality, participate in trending moments appropriate for brand


Truth: Men are unsure of what to do for guys' skin, because it's just not as widely talked about


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Messaging: What are the must-haves for the modern man of today?

Tactic: Develop SEO Keywords and hashtags to attach the brand to pop up in searches for men skincare: possible hashtags
#ordinaryskintellectual #beautyisOrdinarynotFeminine

Channel: Social, Website blog. PR

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Messaging: Why men need to use salicylic acid serums to help with acne breakouts?


Have employees start writing for blogs and beauty articles on topics showing there’s more to grooming than just shaving


Channel: paid and owned media


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Why The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 boosts hydration? 

Why the 100% Niacinamide Powder helps with visible shine and textural irregularities?


Demonstrate Beauty is no longer about femininity but for self care and success through promoting UGC. Look to highlight father and son relationship

Reasoning: Content fact- More millennials now are educating their fathers, showing them that there are solutions to dry skin or puffy eyes

Channel: Tiktok challenges, IG filter, SEO posts  


Truth:Men’s skin is 20 per cent thicker, 70 per cent more oily and 40 per cent more sweaty than women’s skin, according to studies. However, the ingredients for treating skin problems will be the same for both, men and women, Men just require higher usage to show actual effects


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Messaging: How many steps are in a skin regimen? Are there all in one skincare products?


Start having lab employees write skincare tips using specific products and talk about how similar men and women skincare products should be the same: Squalane Moisturizer helps relieve ingrown hair after shaving, debunk omen and man skincare stigma through UGC 


Channel: PR Blogs,  Influencer couple IG, YT channel


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Messaging: Do I really need to have all these products? 3 products that are needed for less oily skin within 10 days?


Use brand ambassadors to highlight benefits and bundle deals on Ordinary products compared to competitions


Channel: TT, IG reels, YT


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a Performics’ 2011 Social Shopping study indicates that men are more likely than women to research and compare products online.

Need detailed product descriptions, feature comparisons to other similar products, and customer reviews.

Tactic: More visual of  content of men using products on social, use tag product feature on IG to link to website

Channel: Social, Website images


Truth: women are more likely to comment with their queries, while guys will ask privately for recommendations in DMs. Men care about their looks isn’t radical thinking


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Messaging: 10 Frequently asked question men have when it comes to their skin


establish Insta story highlights on main feed page with FAQ, Success stories, deal/coupons

Website should have FAQ page as well with SEO keywords

Hop on meme trends weekly on social media


Partner with The Cut to sponsor a series on making men more comfortable talking about their skin with friends, family, Significant others 


Channel: owned media, IG,sponsorship


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Messaging: showing benefits of taking care of their skin can help them in life vs what happens when you don't


VIDEO Series: Extraordinary lives, ordinary people


Concept-People who live interesting, or  extreme lives interviewed about their skin journeys;

  • Content can include:why they care about their skin, when did they realize prioritizing skin matters, what they use, craziest skin treatment they used from the internet (show the audience everyone is like them on their skincare journey).

  • Celebs can be Jack Harlow, Tyler the creator along with young farmers, artists, gamers and athletes. Can incorporate women as well to generate more trust to male audiences      


Channel: TT, YT, IG REEL


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Being real about what all men, of different cultures, deal with when it comes to their skin: and how your products support them on their skincare journey

Men tend to purchase when the need is immediate;

More likely to spend money on themselves


Social imagery and video: 

Visually-diverse ethnic models on feed so men of different races see themselves using the product


Create ASMR:products workin on skin- the immediate gratification of cooling, warming, and tingling sensations

Channel: Youtube, Ig, Tiktok


Model influencers: Cyrus-Beauty blogger(IG, TikTok),

Blake Abbie-Model (Bling Empire New York cast member),

Boman-content creator(TikTok, IG)

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The Ordinary Problem

Beauty category: most men or those who identify as one do not have proper skincare

From business perspective there is lack of content specifying men on the brand's social pages and website. Leaving make consumers confused what products are right for them.

Future Content Collabs

Try Guys: 

Mainly YT- The Try Guys are known for testing a wide range of activities, have received over 1.6 billion views and over 7.5 million subscribers.

-majority female followers; opportunity women trust and watch them men will too



Dewey Dudes:
They have a podcast with topics that detail-oriented focus on the practical ins-and-outs of skin care and beauty, that revels in derailing into dirtbag humor with a distinctly masculine perspective. As well as provide humor through their other social pages


The Cut:

They have a brand that drives awareness—and in the process, activates an engaged and loyal audience. They cover a range of topics from politics to sex life. They make videos that are awkward, delightful and revelatory they are a perfect brand to together to create something awesome.

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