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My role: Audience, Category,Location Research. Marketing Launch Plan, Creative OOH and Flyers, Swag mock ups 
Team: Mia Douglas, Hannah Jackson, Allia McDowell

Image by Nik

The Ask:
Create a physical territory extension for Sharpie 

The Challenge:
How can Sharpie help future creatives uncap their potential when their artistic freedom is being taken away in school

The Solution:
Create a after school space to help uncap creative stories for the underrepresented youths in America

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The Problem:
Currently in America, art programs are under attack
Through the NCES education website more and more states are no longer accepting art as core subject in their education system

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Lack of opportunities for self-expression cause students to make poor decisions and to have behavior problems

 low-income eighth-graders who had lots of exposure to the arts were more likely than their peers with less exposure to earn higher grades and attend college

A 2012 study by the United States’ National Endowment for the Arts

ONLY 21% of Urban students who are exposed to less arts anticipate themselves having professional careers by age 30

roughly 50% for urban students with high art exposure 

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Through research found in psychology and adolescent behavioral journals, mid adolescent age for youths tend to be most vulnerable

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Sharpie can Make its Mark!


current Sharpie audience


Creative Youth-Target Audience

Sharpie Current Mission- 

Always been about creative opportunities for self expression

Bring creative passion to life in a BOLD way

They are the go to instrument to making your ideas real 

The preferred tool for making authentic messages & leaving your mark on the world

Image by Mehdi MeSSrro


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Sharpie has the opportunity to champion the next generation of artists by providing resources, materials, and physical spaces for young creatives facing the challenge of having their artistic freedom taken away.

Through this support, Sharpie can help students uncap their potential and keep their artistic passions alive amidst the ongoing attack on art programs in American schools.

Sharpie: Unleashing Future Creatives by Empowering Artistic Freedom Beyond School Walls


Space Details:
Four level art center with 5 core art curriculums that the children no longer are being offered in school.
two locations, Atlanta and Detroit which are two big urban art cities that children's art access are being denied.

Made sure to include areas of rest and relaxation to help promote mental well being.  

Moodboard of The Bold Collective

Moodboard of The Bold Collective.

Possible Location 1

Atlanta, possible location for BC

Possible location 2

Detroit, possible location for BC

Bold Collective level 1

Floor plan 1 for The Bold Collective

Bold Collective level 2

Floor plan 2 for The Bold Collective

Bold Collective level3

Floor plan 3 for The Bold Collective

Bold Collective Rooftop

Rooftop for The Bold Collective

Core Concentrations at BC

Core Curriculum taught at the space

BC Student Transportation Pass

In order to remove any barriers, The BOLD Collective will partner with local transportation systems to offer students passes to public transportation with their enrollment.

Image by Nik



get the word out and meeting our audience where they are in person and digitally

Recruitment for staff: done regionally;

  • offer positions to former art teachers that were affected by art program shutdowns 

  • hire current college professors in nearby schools in the locations of the building

  • invite creative art teachers from out of state to host virtual workshops or fly in to teach for a residency program 

  • encourage community members committed to crafty hobbies to serve as mentors

Recruitment for students: regionally;

  • Scholarships-offered through school counties

  • Yearly memberships

​  Checklist

  • partnering with local schools in the area

  • marketing activations

  • social presence through online community 

Marketing activation
Urban Poster mockup
Social mockup
Recruiting mockup ad


  • exclusive Bold Collective merch drop

  • charity gallery events(in the BC space)

  • city block party fundraisers 

Ways to help generate money for materials and programs, along with helping build trust among the community and promote importance of art 

Exclusive Sharpie Marker
The Bold Collective Merch
Bold Collective Magazine
City Block Party Flyers
Gallery Space Rental Opportunity

Future Expansion:

1. addition of new art curriculums

2. expansion to new city locations

3. develop pipeline media agency based of Collective offerings for older adults to be allowed in after aging out


Sharpie can help leave a lasting permanent mark on the world by helping inspire future creative minds for generations to come.

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