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Sol Juicer   

Tasked to invent and design a juicer that is specific to the overall aesthetic of our target consumer; 34 year old, mom of 2 under 6. Stay-at-home mom who is really into all things HGTV, DIY, and trying all the new food trends on YouTube. Never has a free hand so making learning “life-hacks” is her way of life. With this persona in mind we then created the Sol Juicer designed to fit comfortably on a kitchen counter or used as art centerpiece throughout the house. It has smart tech capabilities for a hands free lifestyle. The Sol Juice brand not only promotes healthy eating but wants its consumers to find ways to nourish their own souls through living a healthy lifestyle.

Team CBMS:

Andrew Kryzinski

Nika Rahini

Hannah Zetty

Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 12.08.04 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 12.10.08 PM.png

Consumer mood board

Created the moodboard based on a persona of a cool, eclectic mom of two young children. She carries a"DIY" attitude in her small town of NC. She stays up to date on latest health trend and easy cooking recipes through Youtube and Instagram videos. 

Playlist: used to show her interests and mood throughout her busy routine.

consumer pain points

Pain points used to show the young stay at home moms are under a lot of pressure to be everything and everywhere at once. While putting their own needs either to the side or last when it comes to caring for their families

Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 12.10.43 PM.png

consumer Needs

Based on consumer, category of home and appliance research we found four main values the young mothers would look for in their next purchase 

Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 12.10.51 PM.png

consumer Wants from a Juicer

Based on pain points and what is currently out on market of juicers used by young stay at home mothers, we created a success criteria of what the product will need to accomplish in order to be considered for purchase and use

Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 12.29.41 PM.png
Untitled_Artwork 2.gif
sol juicer type_edited.png
sol logo.png

Product material, shape and measurements:  decisions on the specific material, shape and measurements were so the appliance can be durable, longer lasting and fit comfortably on any home counter. Not only as a juicer but as decor as well. Product has removable ceramic cutter shells were made so easy to clean and store. This Sol juicer comes with removable juice pitchers for easy storage in refrigerator and easy rice drinking through out the day.

Untitled_Artwork 47.png

Tag line:

Nourish your sol

Sol juice so good for your soul

Feed your soul

Mission statement:

between every sunrise and sunset you have the power to be the happiest version of yourself and live a life that speaks to your soul (sol).

juice function nika rahini
sol logo.png
Untitled_Artwork 39.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 12.12_edited.j

Brand Packaging & Extensions 

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juice bars_edited.png
juice bottles environment.png
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