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FUN Werk I've done

Get to know the other side of me! No..I am not referring to my twin brother.

Brand Love&Essence: Popsocket

Role: Brand manager, Strategy,  Storyboard 

Ask: To showcase all the reasons people love their Popsocket and how it makes their everyday life easy

Solution: Daydream fantasy of how great life is with a Popsocket, #LiveLaughPopsocket 

Curlyhair Shorty designs

Graphic design shop

Started this passion project to highlight an issue many people deal with of all ages not just Millennials or the GenZs. Anxiety and Depression. My designs are to help make that topic easy to talk about and to build a support network around those who do. 


blackhoodie front
black hoodie back
GOT EM sneaks
Cudi skater
Cudi skater white
Anxiety Grey Tee
orange hoodie front
orange hoodie back
Among us Front
Back hood
Imposter syndrome black hoodie
Untitled design.png








Image by Venti Views

        - Origins Story
Audio Branding Mock

Passion project

Role: Director, Videography, Script Editing

Partner: Martin Rees: Copywriter, Video Editor, Actor

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