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My role: Project management, brand audit & research, strategy development, creative concepting, deck storyline.


Team: Zack Ackerman, Joe Kuhns, Morgan Maclachlan, Marshal Pittman, Eli Reece

Brandcenter Sprint Competition    

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The Ask: 

To help design/develop new experiences/offerings for Amazon Music that enhance the relationship between creators and customers. Look at their current offerings and make recommendations on what could be done differently/better based on what we know customers want. Pay special attention to ways to improve the feedback loop (2-way communication between creators and fans). 



  • Innovate on behalf of Amazon Music’s Customers

  • Bring creators to the forefront of our app and closer to customers than ever before

  • Include mechanisms to encourage creators to continue to engage with the service

  • Ease the creation and upload of content from the creator community

The Insight: 

When choosing a music streaming service, customers want a sense of community  + feeling of exclusiveness + ability to interact w/ creators.

No audio streaming platform has fully explored streaming beyond the Fan-to-Product or Fan-to-Fan Relationship


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An Audio Theater

An impersonal and transactional experience.

Come in. Choose your content. Consume. Exit.

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An Audio Museum

A much more curated experience, but ultimately, visitors are only engaging with the products and not their creators.

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 An Audio Bar

A mix of consumption and socialization. Enjoy what’s “on tap” while engaging with those also listening.

Still not present: the creator.

Our Concept: 

Amazon Music can be the first streaming platform to:

1. Give the Creator active participation

                                    2. Facilitate open relationships between the fans and creators

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Why a Neighborhood:


Creators and fans are both seeking Gratification, Self Expressions and a sense of Community. The neighborhood can encompass all that through its working and living spaces. 

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Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 3.50.23 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 3.50.23 AM.png

Product Features 

UX Interface

UX Creator's Space x Fan's View

Audio Creator View

Fan View

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