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LOVEVOLVE is a Richmond-based brand that partners with hospitals to provide new parents with their signature Love Swaddle®. Hospitals use their patient gift budget to purchase the swaddles from LOVEVOLVE.

The founder, artist Sunny Goode, was inspired by research that found seeing and thinking positive words like “LOVE” can have an effect on your brain, their hope is that the swaddle will serve as a visual cue to parent with patience, gratitude, and love.

In the hospital, the swaddle also acts as a conversation starter between healthcare providers and parents about healthy relationships and newborn care, as it is accompanied by a card with a “how to swaddle” graphic and a “10 Signs of a Healthy Relationship” guide.

While the swaddles and the healthy relationship information accompanying them are focused on ensuring support for the baby, LOVEVOLVE wanted to expand its mission to directly support moms too.
They were especially interested in the “Fourth Trimester” - a topic that has been getting more recognition in the healthcare world and beyond.

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The Fourth Trimester:

The 12-weeks after giving birth. This time is just as important for a mother’s health as the first three trimesters, but it is often overlooked.

How can LOVEVOLVE help support new moms in the fourth trimester in a way that aligns with their current initiatives and leverages their existing relationships with hospitals?



Brand Extension- Live Client- Pitch Winner
Helping moms build their support systems in the 4th trimester

My Role:
Primary &Secondary Research
Strategic Development
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Deck Narrative

Allia McDowell
Ashley Huang

Sarah Klotz
Hannah Zetty



of women experience "baby blues"

We needed to learn more about what moms were experiencing, so we built context through research and interviews with moms and OB-GYNs.

1 in 5 

women struggle with anxiety or depression while pregnant or within a year of  giving birth

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But a little help can go a long way.

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However, moms don't always have a built-in support systems, and that community can be hard to build once the baby arrives.

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However, moms don't always have a built-in support systems, and that community can be hard to build once the baby arrives.

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